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In recent years we have seen a surge in the popularity of glasses.
Our experts are here to help you pick the perfect frames while taking your budget and lifestyle into consideration. You can choose from a wide range of colours and styles. We also stock tinted lenses and prescription sunglasses.
Anti-reflective coating can be applied to your glasses to eliminate light reflections when using a computer or driving.

We carry the latest designer brands including Ted Baker, Police and Carolina Herrera. For more information on the brands we stock please call us on 01-8187918

Drop by and browse our extensive range in store.

Raheny Optics
Raheny Optics
Raheny Optics

Childrens’ Glasses

It is recommended that a child’s eyesight is tested by the age of three. It is important to identify potential vision problems early so as it doesn’t get in the way of schoolwork. Most children will not realise there is anything out of the ordinary about their eyesight, that’s why it’s so important to look out for some signs;

Sensitivity to light
Eye rubbing
Sitting too close to the television or computer
Excessive blinking
Reluctance to read

Once these problems have been identified, they can be effectively treated.
We carry a full range of fun and durable kids’ glasses.

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